The USA-Interns Program Fellowship is the Alumni organization of former interns aiming at the exchange of experience, know-how and ideas between Germany and the USA. Former intern only are eligible. Membership ought to be granted upon request.


Fellows join a special interest in German-American relations, professional training and the enhancement of US German relations by providing active communication with students, universities, employers, sponsors, the media, and Steuben-Schurz-Society.

Annual Fellowship Meeting

Throughout the year members are encouraged to stay in touch. Fellows from both countries meet at least once a year in the summer at Frankfurt’s Steuben-Schurz-Society headquarter for an exclusive event.

Please contact the program coordinator Juliane Adameit, D.E.A. via E-Mail at: info@usa-interns.org


Universities aiming at an enhanced transatlantic engagement of university students may join this bilateral program organizing internships for American students

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Your support is paramount. Your financial donation ensures that all committed students, regardless of their financial backgrounds, have the opportunity to

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Employers aiming at an enhanced transatlantic engagement of young people may join this bilateral program organizing internships for American students

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Application Information – Bewerberinformationen Information for US Applicants (English)Information for German Applicants (Deutsch) Application Form – Bewerbungsantrag Application form

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Who is eligible? University students may apply for positions in business, science, politics, international relations, social services, the media,

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USA Interns

Sections explanations: APPLICATIONS with DOWNLOADS (for applicants, employers, universities); EMPLOYERS (general aspect); FELLOWSHIP (contacts between interns of previous years);

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